How is Your 2011 Shaping Up So Far? (Free One-Time Only Webcast)

Can you believe we are almost through the first quarter of 2011? As this year continues to speed by, it’s a good time to take a look at your business and see if it’s truly where you want it to be. If you’re not quite there, I want to help you make THIS year your best year ever.

That’s why I am SO looking forward to my next FREE, content-rich call coming up on Tuesday, March 22 at 8 pm Eastern. On this webcast, I’ll be sharing exactly what I’ve been doing that has taken me from confused, struggling and not making the kind of money I wanted to be--to having a business that not only rewards me financially, but gives me the freedom and flexibility to live life on MY terms.  If you’re interested in knowing how you can have this for yourself, too then please don’t miss this. Be sure to register here.

Oh, and you should know—it’s also going to be a bit of a PARTY!  Everyone loves a party, right? Well, I’m celebrating the “making over” of my brand AND my new (soon-to-be-revealed) website with a virtual BASH and you’re invited! There will even be party favors for you :)

On this complimentary, one-time info-packed webcast, you’ll learn:

  • The actions you can take RIGHT NOW to help ensure that the rest of this year is a smashing success for you
  • How to pick a mentor who will be the best fit for YOU and who will guide you to build a business based on YOUR ideas of success (not theirs!)
  • How to build your list with integrity (online and off) so that you consistently PULL ideal clients to you (instead of you chasing after THEM!)
  • The one very common (often overlooked) reason why your business is still struggling to grow—even as the economy is finally beginning to pick up (and the simple solution to this)
  • The top ways that myself and my private clients increase our income—that actually allow us to work LESS
  • How you can claim one of the exclusive spots in my just-revamped private coaching programs (including one of only *4* remaining spots in my in-depth Mastery program)

…and so much more.

So, let’s celebrate the hopes, dreams and aspirations you have for your business. Don’t miss out on this FREE, one time only webcast!

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The call will be recorded if you can’t make it live (you’ll want to be on LIVE, however, to grab the “party favors” I’ve got in store for you!)

Hope you can RSVP YES!

Business or Expensive Hobby? 3 Ways to Tell Where YOU Fall

There are many different areas you can look at when you have your own business that will indicate whether what you have is the real deal—or just a hobby you happen to be dabbling in.

You may even be adamant about how serious you are about your business, and that’s great.  But in the work I do with my private clients, upon taking a closer look at their businesses I often find that there are a few common indicators that show just how serious they really are. (And by using the word serious here, I don’t mean to say they aren’t committed to their business or don’t want it to succeed, it just means they need to make some shifts in the way they are currently treating it.)

I recently gave a talk that covered this on a colleague’s telesummit, and here are three areas I touched on that YOU can look at too to see where your business might be right now.

1) The Money

My coach once said to me: “Money loves being paid attention to, and it will get our attention, one way or the other.”

You HAVE to know where you are in your business, not only the money coming in, but the money going out.  It sounds obvious, but I freely admit that the first year I was in business I was not the greatest in this department. However, once I started tracking my money DAILY, I started making more. Funny how that works.

There are other pieces that come into play here too: handing over taxes to be done by a CPA, incorporating, keeping your business and personal accounts separate, socking money away for savings, knowing when it’s time to invest back into the business for your own personal development and education—all of those things are important and make a big difference—they certainly did for me.

2) The Mindset

This is a biggie and it’s something I work with my private clients on extensively. I’ve learned that to go big in your business and in your life, you have to think big—and not necessarily act from the place where you are now. If you’re a 5-figure business owner, you need to make decisions as if you are already a 6-figure business owner.  If you’re a 6-figure business owner, you need to act like a 7-figure business owner would.  What would a 6-figure business owner do?  What would a 7-figure business owner do? What happens is that this literally begins PULLING you forward into that place.

I make it a priority to work on my own growth as much as I work on my business. Whether that means having a coach, reading inspiring books, turning off the news, surrounding yourself with people who already are where you want to be—it’s very key.

There is something to be said for staying in a place of positivity and focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t.  There is an attraction piece there—but what a lot of people miss, is that it’s attraction PLUS action. You need to have both, and here’s the great thing about action: action mitigates fear.

Fear, doubt, resistance–we all experience it.  But it can be very immobilizing, and sitting there doing nothing, or staying in a loop of thinking you don’t know enough, or you’ll just do a little more research, or you’ll be able to do it when you have X in place—just makes it worse.  Get into action.

Nike had it right, just do it. I can tell you from experience that it works wonders.

3) The Productivity

The un-sexiest part, right?  Maybe, but it’s crucial.  Entrepreneurs need to be ruthless with their time.


Batch your calls on the same day. Make sure your environment supports you in staying productive. Chunk down the tasks you need to do each day so you’re super-clear on where your focus needs to be. Use a calendaring system that works for you. Have a STRATEGY for Facebook and Twitter so you’re not wasting all day. Check your email less. Prioritize money-making activities more.

You get the picture. 😉

Sometimes people think there’s a magic pill or some kind of big secret to being successful, to making 6 figures, all of that.  But the reality is not all that complicated. It’s doing things in a certain way, it’s doing them consistently and it’s about persisting. And yes, the result is you have more money, but to me that just means more freedom, and more peace of mind—and that’s priceless.

Because when you’re struggling to make ends meet or you’re constantly worried about cash flow, you can’t make the impact on the world that you really want to. And you also probably can’t be at the top of your game for your clients, either.  It’s not a fun place to be and it’s distracting and not conducive to doing your best work.

So even more than the number of zeros in your bank account, it’s about having joy in your business and your life, and helping others in a big way.  And all of that begins with treating your business LIKE a business, right?

Would LOVE to hear your thoughts and comments on this below!

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What Nobody Says About Breaking 6 Figures

It’s pretty shocking if you’ve never heard it before, but did you know that the majority of women business owners are earning less than $50,000 a year?

Maybe YOU are even living month-to-month or client-to-client.  Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve had some worry-free time off… or been able to buy exactly what you want.

It’s not that you aren’t working hard. It isn’t that you aren’t helping people. It doesn’t mean you aren’t talented or adding real value. And it certainly doesn’t mean that you are lacking in ambition, vision, or moxie.

It just means that you’ve got room to grow.

Perhaps you are just getting started in your business—and everything is new, you’re doing everything yourself, and you’re trying to wrap your brain around just what you need to do, and what you can do later—or let go of…

Or perhaps you are a seasoned business owner and making good money—but it’s just not enough.  You are ready to live BIG—to buy what you want to buy…to cover your expenses whatever they are…and to go on a great vacation when you need it, without worrying about taking time off from your business!

Would you deeply appreciate hearing the stories of a group of women who have already traveled that road… and want to share with you what they did to breakthrough to making 6 or 7 figures?

If so the 6-Figure Breakthrough Summit is for you. It’s a one-time-only gathering of 15 trailblazers (including me—I’m honored!), who want to share with you the methods, strategies, and “nuggets of wisdom” that made the difference in their 6-figure breakthrough year.

Attend the Summit as my guest here: Six Figure Breakthrough Summit

Whether you’re a coach, trainer, speaker, business owner, or service professional, here’s what you’ll learn at the Summit:

  • Which tasks and projects it’s time to delegate
  • Who you REALLY need on your team
  • Proven techniques for increasing your revenue right now
  • The key to raising your prices with confidence and integrity
  • Which essential systems will “make or break” your 6-figure year
  • How to stay balanced, avoid burnout, and do more of what you love
  • Simple changes that will create the most massive, immediate revenue
  • What “a life you love” looks like when you make 6-figures and more (from 2 months off every year to spend with your kids, to riding horses daily, to the romantic and business partnership of your dreams)—think of it as your “Lifestyle Idea Book”


  • The single biggest thing each trailblazer did in their business that really made the difference in their 6-figure breakthrough—and how YOU can use this secret in your business
  • And much, much more…

The 6-Figure Breakthrough Summit features 15 trailblazing business owners who are leaders and experts in their respective fields… and who know what it takes to bust past that 6-figure and even 7-figure ceiling:

Alicia Dunams
Alicia Forest
Amethyst Wyldfyre
Elizabeth Purvis
Karen Luniw
Karen Curry
Kendall SummerHawk
Linda Puig
Maggie Ostara
Maria Gamb
Monica Shah
Nancy Fox
Paige Stapleton and Brian Stark
Shannon Cherry


Plus, there are some incredible bonuses included, which will give you even more great information and tips to fuel you throughout your 6-figure breakthrough year!

If you are ready to register, be sure to click here now: Six Figure Breakthrough Summit

(The Summit runs February 28 – March 4th, 2011.)

And did I mention that for a limited time, the entire 5-day Summit, plus all the bonuses are all at no cost to you? You even get access to the webcast of each speaker for 24 hours, so you can listen even if you’re busy during the live presentation.

Don’t miss out: Six Figure Breakthrough Summit

Hope to “see” you there!

Surefire Ways to Build Your List Through Live Events

When people talk about list-building, they are talking about building an email list, or a database of prospects to communicate with on a regular basis.

Why is building your list so important?

Because the people on your list are the ones that will become your clients and customers. Online, if you don’t have a list, it’s a lot harder to create income. Also, much of your job centers on driving traffic to your website or blog so that prospective clients or customers can find out more. One of the best ways to increase the chances that someone will eventually buy from you is to build an email list.

Essentially, you want to have a way to capture a person’s email address and name so that you may keep in touch with them, build trust, and make offers in the future. List-building is important whether you sell online products or you are selling your services or you have a brick and mortar store. Why? Because you are building a relationship with people and keeping yourself top of mind.

However, online methods are not the only ways to build your list. While those types of tactics seem to get the most attention, some of the most valuable contacts I’ve ever added to my own list were via live events. Here are several foolproof ways to take advantage of this yourself as well.

First, use the valuable real estate on the back of your card to advertise a freebie they can grab at your website. When you’re chatting with someone and getting to know about each others’ businesses, this is the perfect time to let them know where they can go to learn more about what you do—AND get a free gift. Simply hand them your card and point to the URL on the back. To get the freebie, they need to opt-in to your list.

(Be sure to come up with a little bit of a snappy sentence such as “Claim your free 5-part e-course on how to use social media to skyrocket your business” or “Discover the 3 keys to optimum heath right now through Yoga” or whatever it is that you are offering. Always think, “how can I make this enticing for people to check out?”)

You can also follow up with the person afterward, within a day or two. Send them an email and remind them where they can go to sign up for your freebie. Personalize it by referring to something the two of you spoke about when you met, and close it by telling them to keep in touch and to let you know if there are other ways that you can help them.

If you’re a speaker for an event, there are also several things you can do to build your list. I have done a lot of speaking in-person over the past two years and they are always great opportunities to expand my community and grow my list. One of the simplest things to do is to send around a sign-up form. (Be sure you have the permission of the person who has invited you to speak first.) Have the sign-up form explain what they will be getting. For example, when I send mine around it says really bold at the top “Sign up for free social media tips!” This is a great way to get a good number of people on your list at one time.

(Also, remember that many email list services these days require a double opt-in process. What that means is that to comply with spam laws, when a person signs up for your list, they aren’t just sent your freebie automatically. There is another step—they must CONFIRM that they really do want to subscribe.)

Finally, another option if you are a speaker at a live event is to do a drawing. Maybe give away a strategy session with you or a copy of one of your products. Pass around a basket or a bowl, and in order for someone to enter, they need to give their business card. You can say “if you’d like to be sent my free tips/report/newsletter then just circle or write your email address on your card.”

So, next time you’re out and about networking, use the face time to take the business card exchange and chit chat a step further—think of it as a great opportunity to GROW that list!

Have you used other methods to gain subscribers while you were networking in-person? Let me know in the comments!

Facebook Pages Webinar: It's Baaacckk…

I’ve been training, coaching and consulting on social media for over two years now, and it seems the desire to learn more about how to use Facebook to grow a business has not waned!

It’s not too surprising, however—seeing as Facebook itself is only getting MORE popular as time goes on. (Even the movie about it, The Social Network, is up for Best Picture this year at the Oscars—wow!)  With over 500 million active users and counting, it is still something you NEED to be leveraging in order to get your business out there in a BIG way.

That’s why it’s time for another encore of my always popular Facebook Pages webinara 90 minute, interactive training session with Q&A that will give you everything you need to rock your Facebook Page—right away.

Just some of what you will learn if you join us:

redarrow Exactly how to setup a Facebook Page that stands out from the rest
redarrow How to easily set up a content strategy that builds lots of buzz
redarrow How to get many
more people to support your Page
redarrow How to encourage lots more interaction and response
redarrow How to
integrate your Facebook Page with all your other social media
redarrow How to capture your Page’s visitors and
convert them to subscribers

Lots of great stuff, right?

Oh, and if you’ve taken Facebook trainings with me in the past, this is the PERFECT opportunity to get a refresh on all the LATEST strategies that are working NOW!

To get all the details and to register, just go here.  We’ve got a limited amount of space, so be sure to sign up now!

New Video For You (With Good News!)

SO many of you have had questions about my upcoming 6 Steps to Social Media Success Take Action Group…and you’ve been on the fence about joining us when we kick off January 25…

But I’ve got some great news if you were one of the ones who needed just a little bit more time to make a decision…watch the brief video below to see what I mean. 😉

Take action now!

Ready to Take ACTION With Me?

Wow—this month marks two years since I officially started my business, and when I take a moment to look back on all I’ve
created and accomplished in that short time, it’s really exciting.

But the accomplishments and success didn’t come simply by waiting and wishing for it. I had to take ACTION and market myself consistently and authentically.

If you need help knowing how to do this in a world that seems to move so fast online, you owe it to yourself to reserve your spot in my upcoming 6 Simple Steps Take Action Group.  The 6 Steps TAG is an in-depth, 8 week group coaching program that begins Tuesday, January 25, 2011 at 8 pm Eastern.

(Hurry…Early Bird pricing of $200 off ends TONIGHT at midnight Eastern time!)

I’ve been hearing from so many of you over email and on Facebook, Twitter and my blog that 2011 is the year you are FINALLY going to ROCK your business in a big way.

But do you have a PLAN to get there?

That’s where my Take Action Group comes in.

Here’s just a TINY sampling of what you’ll be learning in the group:

* Social media time management: I’ll teach you all my savvy strategies for making a HUGE impact while spending a FRACTION of the time
* Obtaining “rock star” expert status in your field or niche: being seen as THE expert is the absolute KEY to more success and more profit in your business
* Sales conversion: it’s one thing to have friends, followers and subscribers—but I’ll teach you my secrets for easily turning them into paying clients and customers!

Get all the details here.

Oh, and there are still a couple of juicy spur-you-to-action bonuses left too!

What’s the bonus? If you act fast, when you sign up you’ll ALSO get a copy of my best-selling Website Without Worry course, my step-by-step WordPress training that sells on my site for $197.

Still aren’t sure if this group is for you? I’m happy to answer your questions. Send me an email at and I’ll get back to you right away.

Can’t wait to have you in the group! :-)

I Joined Twitter, Now What?

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform and it’s a little different from any other online or social media tool. When people first begin using it, it can seem overwhelming and confusing. How can you really type anything of substance in 140 characters or less?

The first thing I usually advise is that you take some time getting familiar with how it all works. Put up a picture of yourself, find some others to follow, and “tweet” some updates. It may seem a little like you are talking to yourself to do this especially if you are not being followed by anyone else. But it helps to see activity when someone comes upon your page and is making a decision whether to follow you or not.

Once you have observed and participated a little, there are a few things you can do to help you build relationships. Why is that so important? It all goes back to establishing that know, like and trust factor. People like to do business with those they know, like and trust, right? Here are some of the ways to use Twitter to create rapport and get more visibility for your business:

1. Give value.

Share links, offer advice and answer questions. I usually suggest a balance of 85% non-promotional tweets to 15% promotional tweets. When you are sharing interesting tidbits, they do not have to (and should not) be all about your services and offerings. On Twitter, people are looking to learn more about you the person, not just you the business owner. Of course, once they feel that they know you better, they are more willing to eventually buy from you!

2. Engage others.

Ask questions, use the @ function to spark conversations and re-tweet others’ messages. This helps people get to know you, but it is also a chance for you to demonstrate your expertise. You don’t need to outright sell in order for others to see that you have something of value to offer them. Before you know it, others will be re-tweeting (sharing) your helpful information with others, leading to more visibility for you.

3. Use your profile to your advantage.

You are able to link to your website in your profile as well as include a small blurb about who you are and what it is you do. Although you don’t have a ton of space to write here, be sure to give a little snapshot of your personal self as well as your professional self. This is a great way to get others to explore your offerings, become your subscribers or clients and boost your traffic.

Most of all, remember that Twitter is a place to be you, listen, respond and be helpful. The results for your bottom line may not be immediate, but you are building your reputation and strengthening relationships each time you participate. And that’s great for business!

3 Simple and Free Online Tools to Help Your Biz Run Smoother

Running a business online has a lot of perks, one of them being that you can often do it without a lot of pricey overhead.  However, there are still some expenses involved, so it’s nice when you come across free tools that make running your business just a little bit easier.

Here are three of my favorites, all of which I use on a regular basis and recommend you explore as well.

Audacity: I often use audio in my business, whether it be to interview others, to hold teleseminars or to upload a quick greeting to a sales page on my website.  Many times the audio I’ve recorded needs to be edited—nothing fancy, but perhaps I want to add on a quick intro or cut out some of the chit chat at the beginning of a teleclass recording.  This tool makes it so easy, and while most of the time I use it for very simple tasks, if you take time to explore it you’ll find it can do a lot of very cool things.

Evernote: Evernote works by connecting all the computers and phones you use, giving you the ability to capture something in one place and then access it from another.  I use it on my MacBook, my iPhone and my husband’s PC to store notes, to-do lists, and important links.  You can even use it to capture screenshots, photos and audio and then organize it all and find it quickly via keywords, titles and tags.  I use a lot of different apps on my phone, but this one has now become one of my favorites.

Dropbox: Dropbox is a web-based file-sharing service that allows users to store and share files and folders across the web.  A free account gets you a decent 2G of space and it can be used across a variety of different desktop and mobile operating systems.  I like it best for sharing larger files with others and for quickly transferring video files from the PC to my laptop.

Although this is just a tiny sampling of the many no-cost tools that are out there to help make running your business just a little bit smoother, they are three of the ones that I use most often—and find the most useful.

Check them out and see if they don’t save you time, effort and headaches too.  (Who wouldn’t want that?)

Do you have any cool tools you want to share?  Let us know in the comments!

My One-Word Theme for 2011

So I jumped on the bandwagon and thought about this for myself this year. 😉  I had heard about people doing this before and I actually thought it was a pretty good idea…the point being that you choose one word that will be your overall theme for the coming new year. A word that encompasses what the year will be all about, essentially.

Examples of others’ words include “joy,” “commitment,” “focus,” and “influence” to name a few.

Mine came to me in the hazy fog of a 24-hour bug that felled me the day after Christmas…sort of in that half-awake groggy sick state between all-day napping.

And it is…



At first glance it sounds mighty “upstream.”  Sort of staid and cold and honestly—not so much fun.

However, it’s exactly what I need. The discipline to not only get things done on a daily and even hourly basis in order to reach my goals for the year—but the discipline to be true to ME.  To be true to the things about myself that I sometimes squash down for the benefit of others, or because it’s easier or because I might appear “selfish.”

The discipline to continue to “feel the fear (of success/failure/judgments/uncomfortableness, etc.) and do it anyway,” to bust through the resistance that fights tooth and nail sometimes to keep me unfocused and distracted (here’s a great book recommendation if you’ve got that gremlin too, by the way), the discipline to work towards a bigger vision and show up in a bigger way and keep swatting down the little “who do you think you are” monsters that hop on my shoulders from time to time…

Ok, even the discipline to be healthy and exercise and keep the house clean and things like that as well. 😉

So to me, the word that seemingly feels harsh and joyless and like something to be dreaded is not that at all.  It’s absolutely divine because I know for certain it’s what will propel me forward faster, attract more success and joy to me, and at the end of the day, help me serve my clients and customers in a much bigger and better way.

I am so looking forward to the new year and I hope you are too.  There are going to be some big “re-branding” changes around here in the coming months and I am really excited about sharing those with you as well.  It’s all a part of the bigger and bolder vision that my one-word theme is anchoring for me.

If you have a “one word” or even just some thoughts about what the coming year is going to be about for you, I’d love to hear about it in the comments…and happiest of new years to you. 8)

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