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For four years I’ve been training on this topic. And despite its popularity, it’s time to move on and make room for other things that are more aligned with where my business is going.

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Overwhelmed? You’re Likely Making This One Common Mistake

Projects and Tasks
My projects and tasks for my 2013 workshop.

Ask any business owner what some of their biggest challenges are and you’ll likely hear a variation of this: “There’s just always so much to do!”

We’re all busy with a lot on our plates, but I learned something awhile back that was a real game changer for me.

I was treating projects like they were tasks.

For example, when I first decided I was going to create my signature system some years ago, I put it on my daily to-do list as “write signature system.”


Why? Creating something like that is actually a project that needs to be broken up into tasks in order to get it done: first, come up with all the possible things you could share with someone about how you take your clients from their initial issue to your solution—do a brain dump.

Then, organize these things into categories. Then put the categories into chronological order. Then write section or chapter 1. Then section or chapter 2, and so on.

Marketing and selling your system would be a different project, which you would also break down into tasks.

The key is to map it out. Figure out the end result you want, and then list all the steps out a-z in sequence. Organize them, and then delegate what you can. (You should not be the one doing all the parts of the project!)

Another example of a project that needs to be broken into tasks would be planning my annual 3-day workshop. I love taking a big sticky post-it note and breaking the projects and tasks out on smaller post-it notes. I even take a picture of it and send it to my team, and we use it as a roadmap and schedule regular calls to discuss progress and next steps.

That big sticky guides me throughout the planning and marketing, otherwise I would be lost!

Another aspect of this that’s really important: your projects and tasks should be aligned with your goals, and your goals should be aligned with your path (your big overall why).

A goal along your path might be to write a book. You would then look at what the projects and tasks are that are associated with that goal.

Your focus should be on creating habits in your life that support the goals along your path.

So, the next time you are feeling overwhelmed by something, think: is this a project? Or a single task? If it feels really big and overwhelming it’s probably not a task! Break it down, map it out, and watch your overwhelm start to melt away.

Isn’t that better?

List Building: The Truth About Why You Need to Focus on Growth

Truth: Roughly 20% of your list will become your buyers and customers. The other 80% are going to be tire kickers and freebie seekers.  Focus on Growth!
Building an email list is the start of a beautiful–and profitable–relationship with your subscribers.

Having a list allows you to move away from connecting with people just one-on-one, and leverage your time to reach more people, even on a global scale if you wish.

List building, though crucial, is not the glamorous stuff. It’s what most are unwilling to do. It’s time-consuming and the payoff is far from immediate. There’s no magic bullet, and being proactive is a must.

However, the payoffs for keeping the faith are BIG. Plus, if the work you do helps change lives and adds value, staying in touch with your list is actually a service to them.

The longer you wait to build your list, the more you let future money slip through your fingers.

And although it’s not just about the numbers (the old quality vs. quantity argument), you should always focus on growth because only a small portion of your list will ever buy.

Brutal truth.

Roughly 20% of your list will become your buyers and customers. The other 80% are going to be tire kickers and freebie seekers.

If we’re talking numbers, 1,000 subscribers is the tipping point to consistent income, with 5,000 and then 10,000 being additional milestones.

I coach my Impact Academy students that when they’re aiming to reach their first 1,000 subscribers, they should spend a minimum of one hour per day, 5 days a week engaging in list-building activities.

It’s completely worth it, because the size and quality of your list is your main measure of success besides profit.

That being said, if your list is small right now, you may feel bummed. Don’t. Be grateful for those people and treat them right.

Appreciate your list and it will grow, and don’t forget that everyone starts at zero.

And, if list building is new to you—or, you’ve been trying to build your list and it just isn’t happening–you may need a mindset shift.

Every speaking opportunity, every press opportunity, any situation you are in where you get visibility–begin looking at them as opportunities for you to build your list.

Persistence and consistency are the name of the game, like many things in business. Commit to selecting a few list-building strategies and working them religiously.

Make the plan, and then work the plan.

Your leads–AKA your listbecome your clients and customers, so the more effort you put in, the more money in your bank account.

And that makes focusing on growth well worth the work.

How to Focus on the Crucial Few vs. the Trivial Many in Your Business


Does this sound hard to believe?

There was one easy rule I adopted when looking at the numbers in my business that allowed me to more than double my income in less than 12 months.

The truth is it’s completely accurate.
You’ve probably heard of the 80/20 rule: 80% of your results usually come from 20% of your efforts. It’s the Pareto principle: focus on the crucial few vs. the trivial many.
For example, typically 20% of what you offer brings you 80% of your revenue. A little while back I looked at my own numbers in my business and found this to be absolutely true.

It was a huge a-ha.

So how did I adjust based on that?

I stopped putting equal effort and time into marketing everything, and I put more focus and effort into where the majority of my revenue was coming from.

And by the way, it made things a lot easier too.

But I only figured that out by looking at the numbers.

I urge you to do this for yourself, and it’s simple: look at what is bringing you the most money, and move your focus to those activities.

If you need help here, get a coach or mentor to guide you through this. This is what my own mentors have done for me and what I do with my own clients.
Finding yourself busy, busy, busy but it’s not being reflected in your income? Here’s an important measuring stick: you need to spend the majority of your time on revenue generating activities.
RGAs are NOT tweaking your website, futzing around on Facebook or perfecting your tagline. RGAs ARE things like following up with warm prospects, attending live events, taking part in coaching and mentoring programs, scheduling discovery sessions, working on a sales page, launching a new offer, or having a joint venture conversation.

My advice is to map out your RGAs so you know what to spend time on that will actually bring you income. Base your to do lists on tackling primarily revenue generating activities.

I have my Impact Academy students do this exercise all the time and it makes a huge difference in the amount of income they bring in.
So, use the 80/20 rule to see what you should be concentrating on in terms of your activities, offers, and marketing. It’s so worth taking the time and effort to dig in to your numbers and get clarity here.
Look for the holes: if you want to generate more revenue, then your focus should not be on tweaking your branding and website endlessly or obsessing over your tagline. It should not be on blogging five times a week right now.

Why? Because in the now, in the short term, those are NOT RGAs.

Instead, use the 80/20 rule to do more of those revenue generating activities, right now.

The best part? You’ll start to upping your cash flow NOW.

I think THAT is totally worth it.

How to Handle the Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur Dilemma


You want a super-successful business

But you have many different passions… and you’re unclear on which direction to go.

If this sounds familiar to you, you’re SO not alone. It’s an extremely common characteristic among entrepreneurs, and it often causes a lot of strife.

For example: you’re a savvy business coach who has a passion for teaching stand-up paddle boarding and a knack for feng shui.

As you’re starting to plan out your new business, your confusion suddenly gives way to wild excitement.

Why limit myself?? I’ll incorporate them ALL!” you say.

You decide that your business model will look something like this:

You’ll offer your business coaching prospects the “value add” of paddle boarding lessons–to help decrease stress as they build their businesses, of course. And, you’ll also market yourself as a feng shui consultant who will happily travel to clients’ homes and offices for a generous fee.

Wow, what a renaissance gal you are, right?

Not so fast.
Here’s the deal: if you really want to be seen as an industry leader, at some point you’ll need to focus your energy (and time) towards a single, primary goal.
Does that mean your other passions get thrown out the window?

Nope! Your other passions can “infuse” what it is your core business is about. Once your primary business or brand is making a profit and you have some things systematized, you may be able to add in another income stream from an additional passion.

But, choose to move forward with multiple streams of income from different passions and industries all at once?

Yikes! You might just find at some point it may become pretty hairy to manage it if they all begin to “take off.”
You only have 24 hours in a day, and when you’re first getting off the ground, the more focus you can devote to one thing, the quicker you’ll see results. (You’ll also likely see a lot less folks confused.)
Then, you can build off of that one success and branch out to others.

The lesson here is this: you don’t have to deny the multiple passions that make you who you are. You simply need to apply some patience and singular focus to your business at first, then “sneak” those passions in the back door–if it truly makes sense to.

Establish yourself, and then maybe we’ll talk about that paddle boarding, feng shui business coaching package you’re itching to promote, ok? ;-)

Do you consider yourself to be “multi-passionate?” Let me know in the comments.

Free Laser Coaching With Me–It’s Time to Get to Know YOU

listeningandopeningOne of my top intentions for the new year?

Getting to know my community even better!

So, I’m opening the lines…

You know enough about me, my family, my cats, etc…

Now I want to know about YOU.

Join me for a very different call on Thursday, January 16th where I’ll be doing some free laser coaching around some lucky business owners’ biggest questions.

No strings attached. It’s just one of the ways I’m shaking it up this new year.

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Curious about what laser coaching is? Want to experience what it’s like–Christine-style?

You’ll get your chance live and FREE with me on this call! (I’ve got the A’s to your Q’s–this is super-targeted coaching on your biggest obstacles and blocks usually reserved for private clients only!)

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Getting Real: What I’ve Learned About How Authenticity Speeds Up Success


The path that led me to do what I’m doing right now was not always pretty.

It likely wasn’t for you either.

But it’s exactly those “messy” moments and experiences that you need to share with your ideal prospects.

This is what makes your message incredibly powerful and helps you attract the best clients.

I refer to this as “finding the message in your mess.”

Your marketing message functions to pull prospects in, over anyone else out there who does a similar “thing” as you.

This goes beyond the typical “elevator pitch.”

We’re talking about being boldly authentic and transparent.

I’ve always been pretty open about my ups and downs, but recently I have deliberately been more transparent in my conversations with people.

I was astounded that the more open I was, not just about the good, but about the bad and ugly, the more rewarded I was in income and clients.

But what was really eye-opening to me was how this affected the level of trust people have in me, the amount of inspiration it gave to them, and the sheer gratitude people expressed to me when I shared those “messy” moments and stories.

Now, I’m not saying you need to be a wide-open book about everything in your life.

What I am saying is to start by taking a few steps in this direction. What can you share with your community, your prospects, and your clients that would bond them to you and inspire them?

That will offer them some comfort that if they’ve screwed up, or failed, or aren’t perfect all the time, that it’s OK. That others go through the same things too.

Yes, even very “successful” people.

It’s about breaking down walls and being real. I believe we all crave that. (Being vulnerable does NOT equal being weak.)

Best-selling author and researcher Brene Brown says: “In our culture, we associate vulnerability with emotions we want to avoid such as fear, shame, and uncertainty. Yet we too often lose sight of the fact that vulnerability is also the birthplace of joy, belonging, creativity, authenticity, and love. When we dare to drop the armor that protects us from feeling vulnerable, we open ourselves to the experiences that bring purpose and meaning to our lives.”

Imagine people who are a joy to work with because they resonate with you, respect your journey (even with its messes), and most of all, trust you.

You speed up your success when you come from an authentic place.

You’ll stand out from the crowd. You’ll be able to define the benefits of your services from a truly authentic place.

And, being known, liked and trusted trumps almost everything else when it comes to making the kind of money you want to make.

Nothing will create the know, like and trust factor faster than being the authentic you. And what do we know about authenticity? Is it always pretty?


I want you know that that’s ok.

So try this. Take a little risk. Shake it up and go the opposite way of the masses and take steps toward being more real, more YOU. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

My 2014 Word of the Year (Continuing the Tradition)

own-itEvery year since late 2010 I have picked a word for the New Year—as a sort of beacon to guide me through the coming 12 months. The word is usually based on what I’ve experienced in the past year, as well as what I am looking to be, do, feel and stand for in the next.

2011 was discipline. The next year was leap, and 2013 was refine.

2014’s word is “own.”

Continuing to own my value, worth and expertise.

Owning my principles, values, boundaries and policies.

Owning my true authenticity and everything that organically makes me, me.

This new word came a little late for me this year. Just a week ago I thought to myself that a word still hadn’t showed up. As soon as I recognized that, it slipped right into my consciousness.

It’s a word that feels very empowering to me, and just right.

It occurred to me that so much of the internal and external struggle in life occurs because we often worry more about pleasing others above ourselves.

And that’s not meant to say we are to be selfish.

It means that we all have our own personal set of values, our own boundaries, policies and principles. And yet it is so easy to say “well… I’ll make an exception… this time.” Or “well, I don’t want them to get mad at me, so I’ll say yes to doing this thing even though that twinge in my stomach is telling me it’s just not right.”

It makes me uncomfortable. I don’t agree with it. It’s a major inconvenience to me. I gave them an inch but they are taking a mile.

I’d argue that it’s pretty tough to build a highly successful business–or heck, a successful life—if we’re consistently feeling out of integrity with ourselves, or allowing ourselves to feel bitter, taken advantage of, or out of alignment with our core values… and then beating ourselves up for it.

Do not misunderstand—it’s not about being inflexible, closed-minded or a hardass. Be kind, be fair, approach all situations with a pure and loving heart—but OWN what it is you intrinsically believe and hold up as true for you.

These are agreements with ourselves that ultimately negatively impact our happiness, when we decide to break them in our day-to-day life.

That’s the truth I’ll own in 2014. What’s yours? Share with me in the comments below, ok?

It’s Time to Shake Things Up (You’ll Love This New Free Webinar With Me)


You may have noticed some changes and shifts in my business over the past year… what started as a tiny consulting business has blossomed into a multiple 6-figure company.

The growth over the past 12 months especially has been incredible.

To celebrate, I’m holding a new, FREE training class for you by webinar on Wednesday, December 11…

This webinar is likely going to be different than what you are used to from me… because instead of teaching one-size-fits-all marketing tips, I’m going to give you an in-depth look behind the scenes… and share what my team and I have done to multiply our marketing results, convert more clients, and create more time freedom… all by SHAKING THINGS UP!

(Hint: we’re talking doubling income, increasing opt-ins by 400% and more. These are tweaks we made that will be really easy for you to do, too. You’re going to love it.)

Grab your free spot here.

I’m so excited for this webinar because I’ll be giving you concrete strategies and tips you can put in to place immediately!

I can’t wait to share all of this with you. Head here now to see everything I’m going to be sharing, and to secure your free spot! I’ll see you there!

2013 Live Workshop Was a BIG Success!

1012786_10152394274649046_355057330_n My 3rd annual Get OUT There–Live! Workshop was a huge success, and for that I am thrilled!

So many breakthroughs, A-has, new friendships and business alliances, and magical moments. We had 100+ attendees from all over the world. My heart is full!

We also welcomed brand new members into the IMPACT Academy, my new Marketing and Mindset School for Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs™ — and I couldn’t be more excited to work with them this coming year!

The attendees are still raving about their experiences at the workshop, and it’s been wonderful to see all the great feedback in social media (and photos–you can see some below and tons more on Facebook here)

Can’t wait to do it again in 2014!

Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 2.44.46 PM
Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 1.13.55 PM
Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 1.14.12 PM
Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 1.16.20 PM
Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 1.16.39 PM
Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 1.19.10 PM
Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 1.21.26 PM
Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 1.21.53 PM
Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 1.28.31 PM
Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 2.52.26 PM
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